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When you have nowhere to go, go back to yourself.

Free - II

Single. Footloose and fancy-free. Ah! I am so familiar with these words. I have often been accused of, panned out, trashed, dismissed and sometimes envied too for being these three. You know what! If I were a blog post, the trio would have been my “tags.”

Hold it a second! Did you say footloose? Is not that supposed to be a compliment? Reminds me of a great line.

“It should not be denied that being footloose has always exhilarated us. It is associated in our minds with escape from history and oppression and law and irksome obligations. Absolute freedom.”

What say!!


I opened my hands

And let the moments fly away

They had grown tiny wings

Guess, it was time to go

I set them free

And I found freedom...

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