the long search

When you have nowhere to go, go back to yourself.


Like the stack of old letters;

The books you stored with care;

Past years grow old too.

The dust of memories gets thicker

Just like that layer of yellowness,

Touch of old times

Velvety and soft…..

*Wishing you all a very happy new year*

Last time...


The tender dew drops

Falling onto the ground

Is all I can hear

Shadow of the night grows

The silence between the drops gets too long to bear

What then was a moment

Now seems like a year…


Last time we met was for the last time we met???

Of a season...

The heartless summer is long gone

Soon the clouds will sail away

Rain will no more dance at my window

Where the dew drops will rest themselves

Waiting for the winter to come.

Nothing remains forever

But for the songs

Of a season lost

Nothing will remain

But for the memories

Of a season gone…

In Sleep

Somewhere deep

Where no voice can stir it awake

Where no hand can reach

Lies a dream

Somewhere deep

Where hope does not gleam

Where life does not seem

Lies a dream

Somewhere deep

The dream lies in its sleep…...


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