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The Rainbow

Your blogs are laced with a certain sense of sadness. That's what a friend told me. I understood what she meant. I guess, the pieces are extremely individualistic; sometimes way too introspective and hence the tone. I did not dispute because I believe it's a perspective of life, a way of looking at things.

We all look at life in our own ways, in a manner which is different from each other. We all look for happiness. But what does being happy mean? What's happiness, as a matter of fact? Do we choose to be happy or does happiness choose us? There is no definite answer. But I guess, none of us would ever appreciate happiness if there is not a shade of sadness inherent in it. It's always there. Embedded. You and I can't just wish it away. So I live with it and I love it. For, it's a happy mix.

I remember someone telling me not so long ago: "Life is all about chasing the rainbow." It's about the beauty of myriad colours and but also about the sad truth that you can never actually catch hold of it. But chase we must because we hope to.

I can cite one of my favourite poems which describes it all. It takes me to the depths of sadness but brings me back to surface with that strange thing called hope. So that I can get lung-ful of air - memories for me - to live on with.

She sat and sang away

By the green margin of a stream,

Watching the fishes leap and play

Beneath the glad sunbeam.

I sat and wept away

Beneath the moon's most shadowy beam,

Watching the blossoms of the May

Weep leaves into the stream.

I wept for memory;

She sang for hope that is so fair:

My tears were swallowed by the sea;

Her songs died in the air......


Diana 8 September 2008 at 00:40  

We are each beings of light. Within that light are all the colors of the rainbow-all the aspects of God and humanity-all the power of our natural spiritual abilities.

Our openness to life's bounty is determined by the decisions we make along our journey-decisions about what we can "safely" handle, what we can "pragmatically" create, what we "realistically" deserve.

Our freedom to grow and be happy comes from discovering and re-making those choices, mindsets and self-images-about who we are and what life is really about.

Talking To My Soul 8 September 2008 at 14:38  

Well said, Di Sa. But as you make the journey, you will realise, life derives its beauty from the unknown, along uncharted paths. Dont try too hard to find out what you can handle,
what's pragmatic and what's realistic. They make life staid and a lot boring. Freedom and the resultant happiness come when you let go. More importantly, when you know when to. Go, hit the road. Dont look back. And don't ever regret anything. That's the key.

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